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October 26, 2021, 07:58:57 am


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tying springs

Started by 1unique, January 10, 2015, 09:11:48 am

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I have a couch in my shop with springs and edgewire. I'm a bit stressed on the proper application on where to start. my question is  "Do I completely take edgewire off to re-tie strings first? " I've watched videos and read til I'm exhausted. I'm a hands on learner. It also has tension springs that need to be replaced. I'm pretty good at copying what was original. but its stretched out.      Thank You,   Kim :)


On a spring edge there is no reason to remove the edge wire. Just make the clips are tight and it is centered at both ends before you start.
I start on the right row. Make your side height just above the lower arm rail making sure the springs are straight up and down. Your front spring might end up a bit forward on the top but that's because of the thickness of the front rail. I completely tie the height of the edge wire I want and then just copy that height on down the rows as I do them making sure the rear of the front spring is just lower than the front by say 1/2" to 1". This gives you the angle for the front of the seat to be slightly higher than the deck.
  Don't get stressed it only makes it worse. It's only twine and can be removed and redone.
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Thank You so much.Great explanation.   I appreciate your time. Til next time!