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September 25, 2023, 02:52:40 am


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Messages - Darren Henry

General Discussion / Re: Truck Bench seat issues
May 17, 2022, 07:47:32 pm
Welcome Eggy. Sorry no one has answered you yet. The board has slowed down considerably over the years. Short version: mark your seams AND reference  MARKS on the foam with a sharpie--cut an over sized piece or pattern material for each panel,pin it on and add 3/8 seam allowance and reference marks. [usually faster and more accurate than using old skins as patterns]. Gluing and or sewing 1/4 or 1/2 foam to the backs of the top panels HIDES A LOT OF UGLY. Make your own welt!. Till you get more experience pattern making--don't diddle with pules. Cut your borders oversized  enough to wrap around a piece of wire or plastic welt cord as you hog ring it on. Trim excess.Welcome and good luck.
General Discussion / Hello again
February 16, 2022, 06:04:07 pm
I have been away for a while. Kinda drifted off while I was dealing with the cancer in early 2019 and lost the website until very recently. I don't see a lot of activity anymore. Is there still anyone out there who wants to talk to me again?
General Discussion / Re: Virus update
May 21, 2020, 05:23:21 pm
Hey guys, remember me? I too hope you are all well. We have been pretty lucky here in Manitoba (<300 cases,seven deaths, only 4 still in hospital) compared to Ontario,Quebec and BC and you iin the states. I have been curious to know what regulations (restrictions) your state and federal authorities have put in place.

Here in Manitoba they have re-opened some non essential services like barbershops, but gyms and rec centres are still closed. Restaurants which had been take out/delivery only may now serve on their patios but dining rooms are still off  limits. Effective tomorrow we can now have groups of 25 indoors 50 outdoors up from 10. When you do go to the store the number of shoppers is limited and wait outside on the line/dot whatever 6 feet from the next guy. Some places require a mask, hand sanitizer is available everywhere and mandatory at some locations. Once inside they issue a sanitized cart and you have to follow the traffic tape ( this isle one way up, this isle one way back, no passing stay 6 feet apart). If you can find what you want you are herded onto the dots at the check out line where the cashier behind the plexiglass shield handles all your items with the same gloves they have worn all shift and sends you on your way. Banks etc... will have you answer some questions ( been out side the province last 2 weeks, been in contact with anyone positive for the disease,feel okay, etc...) there does not appear to be a universal standard as to how ofter surfaces are disinfected. At my work we swipe down the counter,hand rail, door knobs etc.. as each customer leaves. Wallyworld you are not allowed to leave your dot until the staffer(s) have wiped down your self check out, yet I have jumped several dots at other places and seen them clean the debit machine or my side of the plexiglass.

One plus though is the gas prices. Gas had come down a little before this started. We were running around $1.10/litre { I forget the conversion to US gallons but 4.54 litres = 1 larger Imperial gallon } then slowly dipped to just under a buck before this shit hit. Three weeks ago a litre of regular unleaded was 78.9  ¢ . It has now crept up to 94.9¢ /l as of this morning in about a week, so I guess things are getting back to normal.

Stay well everybody===look forward to info that hasn,t been filtered the Liberals and their state financed media.
General Discussion / Re: French Seams
November 17, 2019, 08:36:34 am
Just to stir the pot---If you took that seam where you sew to pieces together and then top stitch trough the salvage and a backing strip on both sides of the seam to a saddler or a shoemaker you would start a whole new argument. Half would call it a baggage seam and half would call it a luggage seam.

I am glad I was able to confuse that up for you [grin]
General Discussion / Re: Preferred sewing machine
September 29, 2019, 08:22:49 am
Right on. Remember---staples are your friends.  I can staple 4 cushions together in the time it takes me to rip apart one that got away on me.
General Discussion / Re: Preferred sewing machine
September 15, 2019, 09:48:50 am
Quote      what we do? Sewing leather I notice the top layer tends to get stretched or whatever   quote

I have never had the luxury of a needle feed machine, but I have dealt with this issue. I have found that backing off the pressor foot tension really minimizes ( or eliminates) this.

to oversimplify the physics; your feed dog is knurled and your top foot  is smooth. There will always be some slipping on the top. If you let the bottom slip a little it will equal the top.
General Discussion / Re: Rush Chair
July 03, 2019, 02:46:53 pm
Steve said---"I took this motor off the old compressor.  The tank and the pump was shot.  Anyway I see it has a black and a white wire - the amps are 15 - 3400 rpm - but 3 HP.  Do you think this can run on 110 if I put on a regular plug ?  It was running on 220 before

No! On smaller motors there is a chance that they can be wired for 110 or 220. there will be a diagram on the side of the motor or the inside of the wiring box cover if it can be rewired. I have never seen a 3 horse like that though.

A day late and a dollar short again. Sorry Judy, haven't been following the board much for a few months.

For those who haven't already drilled holes in their boat--- the snaps MUST go on the bottom portion of the rub rail. Snaps on the top of the rub rail get smashed by gas tanks (loading them into the boat), anchor ropes etc... and snag fishing lines that get too close. It also avoids issues with wind "popping" the snaps off or driving rain in between them.
Thanks Rick I  had forgotten them. We are looking at the seats and 1 door panel. The rest is in excellent condition. I will try to post some pics when I get home this weekend.
General Discussion / OEM fabrics---58 Oldsmobile
May 07, 2019, 04:38:32 pm
Does any one have a lead on a source  for original interior fabric for a 58 Oldsmobile super 88. This car is a survivor. By that I mean it is all original and it looks like it just rolled off the line. Because of that I think the owner would spring for the $$$ to bring it in from the states if we have to.

Thanks, Darren.
General Discussion / Re: Arrows
March 21, 2019, 05:40:18 pm
When I was still working at the RV place, one of our techs left his cordless drill [two weeks old] on top of a unit. Half an hour later we get a call from the owner of the unit asking if we were missing a drill. He had driven down a nasty gravel road back into town, across town, and stopped at Walmart just before he hit the highway and saw it wedged up against the awning rail.
General Discussion / Re: Velcro
March 17, 2019, 10:53:30 am
Hopefully just sharpening the needle works on that leather. Doing it with pliers is no fun. A small stitching awl and haft might be a handy investment.

No go fund me or anything. Our health care system covered the bills for the hospital part and employment insurance is giving me some money to life on. I'm only out the cost for all the trips into Winnipeg to see spet etc... and will have to invest in a blender as they won't replace my dentures now that I have a new profile. I shudder to think about someone with no insurance getting hit with all this. A working stiff in the States would be screwed wouldn't (s)he?
General Discussion / Re: What else did I miss?
March 16, 2019, 11:20:13 am
Thanks everyone !!!! Sorry I haven't checked back in sooner. Hope you are all well too.

I am slowly putting some weight back and am still augmenting with tube feeding, so no longer have to wear snow shoes in the shower. That was a pain! Dry them, oil them, re varnish them---- LOL. It's all good.

Pathology came back good so no chemo. Once this wound on my neck (infection on one of the stitch lines grew into a hole---looks like I was necking with a zombie) I have to go back to Winnipeg for some radiation. Inconvenient---but no big thing compared to many others.

P.S Col. I read of face book that you where relegated to sleeping in the trailer last rally? That'll learn 'Ya not to let them drive. Next thing you know they'll want to vote.

P.P.S PLEASE  don't tell Ally I said that---She's Aussie, and they know where Canada is. [Gulp].
General Discussion / Re: Velcro
March 16, 2019, 10:56:06 am
QuoteI thought the most difficult part would be getting the needle through the leather

It very likely will be,sorry to say.

I have never found a source for chisel pointed curve needles so I make my own. Basically I take a 3" or so curve needle and make a three sided point instead of the round one. This allows it to cut the leather like an awl. Lets call the side of the needle over top of the curve 0 degrees. I grind the tip (point of needle on stone at angle) at 120 degrees from zero until the edge is in the centre of the needle at o. I repeat at 240 degrees. When viewed from the tip there will be a sharp inverted "v" at the front of the tip and a sharp line at 90 degrees to the back of the needle.

Next up on the list of options is to use an awl to pre-punch the holes. On leather that thin you can use a straight awl with a curved needle. Holding the needle against the awl tip as you pull it back out can make it easier to follow the hole.
General Discussion / Re: tete a tete loveseat
March 16, 2019, 10:04:27 am
I too think they are very unique and very cool. I've always wanted to make one with the big "S"back and very Victorian. The first one I say (pictures of, sadly) was actually a three seater out of an old hotel lobby. [wink] Think pinwheel [wink]. Every body got a seat without being "sitting with someone" on a small piece of furniture.