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March 03, 2024, 11:37:47 pm


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General Discussion / Virus update
May 19, 2020, 05:56:53 pm
Greetings to the last few who still check this forum. I do hope that you are all doing well.

I've got my fingers crossed that opening up the economy again will noy spike the number of cases of corona virus.

I've been able to stay working with a lot of cautions and no one in my shop. But if I'm around someone who gets the virus I may need to self isolate for 2 weeks even though I don't get the virus. Not as big a concern as those folks who do get the virus and all those folks who are hurting for money because of this situation.

It's all new territory for us at this time. I hope it shakes up for the better.

Stay safe,


General Discussion / Re: Holy tufted button, Batman.
April 08, 2020, 04:49:00 pm
Thank you for the reply. I have had to fix a situation like this before. I thought the hand stitching would not hold because there is not much material. I was not sure if gluing as you described was a doable fix. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It is a confidence builder.

I followed your directions of gluing a backing piece on. No time to get the Mohark but I've got it in my notes so the next time this comes up I'll plan on buying it to do the job.

General Discussion / Holy tufted button, Batman.
April 07, 2020, 06:55:06 pm
Tufted button came off a leather seat. The leather hole through which the twine goes through has enlarged so the tufted button gets pulled down inside the hole. I hand sewed the hole a bit to close it up but I am worried the button will work it's way down, spreading the hole apart again and fall through. There is a lot of tension on the button.

Can I use epoxy glue to glue the button the the leather? Will this be a permanent fix?

Thanks for your help.

I've bought a rebuild kit for BEA stapler twice now. It replaces all the O rings. Worked great both times.

I have a BEA that I use all the time. High end quality stapler. I have a long nose cheapy that I only use occasionally so it lasts as long as the BEA.

Be safe out there.


Toledo Sewing is probably mentioned the most on this forum. They will make sure your servo motor handles the LU 563 and answer any questions you may have. There are servo motors out there that just aren't powerful enough.

I saw a picture from a computer store that had a roll of toilet paper for sale for $7,000. It came with a free laptop computer.

When you order carry out food from restaurants some will also sell you toilet paper rolls. What they used to give away from free in their bathrooms they are now selling. A+ to the person who thought of doing this.

SteveA: You seem to be at the epicenter of the virus. Stay safe. It doesn't sound like fun in NYC right now.
General Discussion / Re: The virus
March 18, 2020, 07:00:12 pm
The most helpful thing you can do: Imagine you already have the virus. Now do everything you can to keep others from getting it from you.

The least helpful thing you can do: Worry about getting the virus.

The above is the best advise I've heard on how to deal with the virus. And note that if you do the first thing, you will by default be doing the best things that you can do to not get the virus yourself. And since your focus will be on others you will not be worrying so much about getting the virus yourself. Genius!
General Discussion / Re: Business is picking up.
March 12, 2020, 07:17:17 pm
SteveA: I talked to Keith maybe a month or so ago. He is doing well. He said with all his grandkids and projects around his house he can get busier now that he's retired than when he was working, if he isn't careful. He's still involved with the woodworking club he helped to start 35 or so years ago. He's the kind of guy that loves staying busy.

General Discussion / Re: Business is picking up.
March 06, 2020, 05:31:31 pm
I'm very busy. I just got the go ahead for two wing back chairs. I won't be able to get to them until May.

I have always joked that I stay busy because other upholsters are retiring or dying. I'm not going to joke about this any more. I called a guy last month to see if he would take a sofa that the customer wanted sooner than I could get it done. I thought if he was slow he might appreciate the work. I had given him a job in December of 1918 and he does great work. It turns out he died a few weeks before I called.

Last year was slow and I really enjoyed that. It seems I'd rather worry about paying the bills than have to get out of bed early on cold mornings. :-)

I do not like Restoration Hardware. It's sells so that is all that matters. That's awesome KodyD that you got to reupholster a piece.

Finishing 6 dining room slipcovers. I'm glad I learned how to do slipcovers. I don't do a lot but it's nice to have a few extra jobs that I would not have otherwise.

If the weft threads are stretchier than the warp threads that may be an indication that you have drapery fabric and not upholstery fabric. 30,000 rub test count is a good rule of thumb for upholstery weight fabric, although fabrics that will get little or no use can use less. A tight weave is also important. Hold the fabric up to a light and if you see a lot of pin holes then it is a loose fabric.

And like Paul said, you've got to have a lot of stretch for it to become a problem.

For your fabric, if you can, run the stretchy direction left and right on the chair, and run the less stretchy direction front to back. And always use poly batting (dacron) over the foam. Do not put fabric directly onto foam. This helps the fabric to slide back if pulled forward when people are getting up off (sliding off) the chair.

I started upholstery 16 years ago and by far the most difficult part of this work is the stretching of fabrics, especially when sewing. And it's not only that fabrics stretch, but also that they stretch so differently. You get used to one fabric and the next fabric is totally different. I think this makes upholstery sewing more difficult than wood or metal working.

I was not a Spring chicken when I started upholstery either. I've enjoyed it so far.
General Discussion / Re: On Going Repairs
February 19, 2020, 04:55:30 pm
Here in SW Ohio I know of one lady who does weaving and caning. Her husband died a year or so ago and they used to sit in front of the TV in their living room doing the work. Now she does it by herself. I don't know of anyone else who does it. I've done two projects for friends but it takes so long I could never do it and charge the amount of money needed to get paid for my time.

I've done many Shaker tape weaving chairs. They go faster and are easier on my hands. It's something I offer but there just aren't that many opportunities.

General Discussion / Re: On Going Repairs
February 12, 2020, 05:53:08 pm
I think that is caused by moisture getting under the shellac. I would use denatured ethenal or methanol or one of he other chemicals that dissolve shellac and dry fast. I would only do this on a table that I owned because I am not sure that this is the cause. I think you would need to test the finish to find out what it is for sure. Just my 19 cents. (2 cents adjusted for inflation from the time I was born.)


In this video he is making a slipcover. You can use this same technique to make an arm cover. Lay the arm cover fabric over the arm, wrong side out. Pin the front cap fabric to the arm cover body fabric. Sew. Finish the edges.

I usually use welt cord.

These two videos show what I do. She is making a slip cover so instead of using full arm fabric just use the size of fabric that will be the finished arm cover, plus the amount needed to put a hem around the edges. What I do differently is that she pins the arm cap onto the arm fabric wrong side out. I pin it right side out.

Hope this helps.

General Discussion / Re: On Going Repairs
December 11, 2019, 07:05:43 pm
I watch a lot of videos on youtube regarding wood finishing and when you said 'gray stain' and then 'pine' I knew there were going to be problems.

General Discussion / Re: On Going Repairs
December 09, 2019, 06:42:30 pm
Gray paint is in. On the furniture, the walls, the dog. My son flips houses and all the walls get painted gray.