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June 04, 2023, 12:32:36 am


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boat cushions with front bolster

Started by ChrisR, September 08, 2014, 08:22:18 pm

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I just tore apart a cushion in my cobalt boat to reupholster.  the cushion is tan along the front edge where the foam is 3" thick and the rest of the cushion is off-white and is 2" foam.   The foam is all one piece,; not cut between 2" and 3"   foam.  The vinyl was glued to the foam along the line between the 2 heights of foam.  When I redo this piece, would it be better to cut the foam and sew a pull strip into the seam?  The factory probably has really really good glue and I worry about what glue to use and about it bleeding through the vinyl and also about it not staying glued.   Is there a better way to do the cushion?  Does anyone know of any videos available showing how to upholster a cushion with a bolster (if that is what they call it) ?    I am fairly new to upholstery, but have sewn most of my life.  Thank you for any advice.


Gluing that line isn't really nesessary. The vinyl will lay in nice naturally as long as you dont pull thr tan section down to tight. Adding a listing (PULL) would help but not really needed either.
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