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Logging in trouble

Started by cajunpedaler, April 28, 2015, 09:08:36 am

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I am having trouble logging in to forum discussions.  I sign in, id and password, get the screen that says welcome "cajunpedaler", but then when I go to forum to post or reply,  I am listed as "guest" and not allowed to post or reply.  I've tried all the different boxes to log in...Anything I need to know or do?
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So you are ONLY able to post in the "How to use this forum" board, but not in "General Discussion" or "The Business of Upholstery"? That's weird. It seems like if you can post here, you should be able to post anywhere.

I think Mike once had to delete his account entirely and re-register for a new one.

I never log out. That's why I hold the all-time forum record for most time online.
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