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November 26, 2022, 12:05:54 pm


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Welt cord seam at the back of a cushion

Started by rick-l, December 19, 2010, 09:56:56 am

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Long ago ...  someone here (might have been Stephen W) steered me to a writeup on how to do the final seam on a welt. 

It went something like
Mark where you wanted the material to meet.
Flip one over
Put it on one of the marks at 90 deg, sew on the diagonal.

And you had a 45 degree seam the right length.

I'm doing something wrong and have to adjust. 
Does anyone know where these directions are?


Rick, I always stitch the final seam on any welting closed.  I don't have a link to the nifty piece of advice from Stephen. 

But here's how I do it:  I begin stitching the cording to the top/bottom about 3" away from the c'tr. back leaving a "tail" of bias welting  (I use double notches to denote the centre of the back, and a single one to mark the centre of the front).  I drive around the piece and stop about 3" from the c'tr back.  I the mark the bias welt "tail" on the lower edge and mark the c'tr pt. on it.  I add my seam allowance to it and cut it on the diagonal.  I do the same thing with the other "tail".  Make sure your 2 cuts are "going opposite directions", this way when they're crossed for stitching the seam with be on the bias and the welting will be the proper length to fit neatly nto the unstitched part of the piece you're working on.  It sounds tougher than it is... practice a few times and you'll have it nailed. 

My boss used to hang over me and tell me doing this was a "waste of time", but now the clean, polished, neat finish has become a selling point when interior work is up for a bid.  Hope this helps you.   

Joys Shop

December 19, 2010, 01:55:57 pm #2 Last Edit: December 19, 2010, 01:58:34 pm by Joys Shop
Let's see if I can do this--I've never used photobucket before

Here is the 2 welts meeting on the cushion (plate)

I need to mark the exact width of the welt-instead of using a ruler, I lay one across the other and mark the width on the shorter piece (on the bottom)

I then lay the longer piece and cut it at the mark (i darkened it so that it would show better)

The top piece is then layed across the bottom at a 90 degree angle, and sewn from edge to edge
the pencil mark indicates where the excess fabric is cut off
the seam is then opened-welt cord is inserted- and sewn on the cushion

The welt cord is bulky at the seam-I usually cut the cord lengthwise to make it smaller, then the join is practically invisible

I hope this is clear

I did not know how to insert the pictures in a way that you could click on them to enlarge them.
If you drag them to a tab on  internet explorer, you will get a bigger picture


Nice work, Joy!

That's exactly how I do it. 

(I hate Photobucket, too much advertising when you click on the thumbs.  I very, very rarely do for that reason)



To enlarge the small photos I just right click on the picture, hit the "view image" option and it enlarges the photo.  You'll then need to hit the back button to get back to the posting.  I accidentally came across this feature one day and use it all the time to enlarge photos people post.