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need parts for juki

Started by irishpaul, June 18, 2010, 01:42:14 am

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 :hi all i need some parts for a juki lu-2210n-7.i need a flat foot and a thread holder which i broke myself.i am in ireland and would be very grateful if anyone knows where to look as parts are hard to come by here.kind regards paul

Gregg @ Keystone Sewing

Trying to find the guy, if he is still in parents did business with a person who, at the time, was in Dublin.  Try looking there, and if you can't find the guy, I can ask my Dad who may remember.  Or, maybe guy is not longer in business, as it has been some time.

If it comes to it, I certainly can obtain parts as well, in some cases maybe just as fast as your local guy.

We seem be sending parts out overseas every few weeks, so this would not be anything new here.



not wanting to step on Greggs toes but i get my spares for the same machine
from College sewing

or ring the welsh guy Jay I gave you his number a while ago
but let me know if you want it again.

hows the machine working for you ?



thanks for the help the machine is terrific.i am sewing things i would never have attempted in the is also saving me a bundle on paying sewers and with business so bad thats no harm.regards paul