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September 25, 2023, 03:21:32 am


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camper enclosure on a Sea Ray

Started by southerncomfort, June 14, 2010, 11:21:50 am

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I'ma newbee to this forum so bear with me please.  I have been doing canvas work for quite some time now with my husband and we are totally self taught.  I picked up a job that I can't believe I've never done before. It's a 29' boat that already has a bimini with windshield ywo side curtains and an aft cover.  The customer wants to get rid of the aft curtain and fully enclose the cockpit with another bimini and clear side curtains all around.  My problem is that the existing bimini flap is fitted.  What proceedure do I use to create a new flap to meet the new bimini?  Hop someone can help me.



Firstly welcome to the forum, this is the best place in the world for canvas guys n gals

it would be best if you posted some pics if thats possible, the chances are that the rain flap on the existing
bimini is no good for an enclosure. ? but you know that ? right ?

If it was made right then the rain flap will be pointing almost downwards to close the gap
between the flap and the curtain. To fit an enclosure the rain flap needs to point out at 90 deg
to the frame, otherwise what will happen is the flap will be too tight against the enclosure
and create a pooling spot for water to settle.

I don't know of a way of just replacing the rain flap other than picking the thread out and separating
the fabric to remove the flap and installing a new one , perhaps if you could get away with shortening
the bimini by 1/2" you could get back to fresh material so you dont have to re-stitch or the old holes.

Rich, UK


If I'm making the front top also I reverse the curve of The flap
so it's lays out straightlike rich said but most times I've just left it and I lower the camper top to drainto the rear if the front top is tall enought. Unless the customer dosent mind paying extra to pick the seams like rich described  but yes it will pull down the camper top section   
And cheaper way and faster would
be to cut a new rain flap and sew it onto the top of the old flap and cut the old o e off hiding the cut edge under your newzippers.


thanks guys,  I think I'm going to go the long way route on this one and unstitch the old back pocket and make a new flap that will come straight out.  I'll try to post some pics if I can.
  Actually,  I used to be in this forum years ago but for some reason I got away from it .
Well, I'm sooo glad to be back now.



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So far I'm really happy with the way things are turning out.. By taking the extra time and making a new flap everything is working out great.  I've got to get a pic out to you guys.  I'll be patterning for the side and stern curtains tomorrow.  It's Sat. you say? Oh well - just another day.  Barb


It's Sat. you say? Oh well - just another day.  Barb

I hear ya there.   I'll be in the shop all day too.  BTW, welcome!  Don't think I've said that yet.  We're a hard-working but helpful bunch here.  You'll get through it, I'm sure.  Determination does it when nothing else does. 

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