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September 25, 2023, 02:21:36 am


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pneumatic decorative nail gun

Started by otlass, April 16, 2010, 09:35:46 am

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Has anybody experience using a decorative nailgun like the RO-MA sold by I am hesitant to throw $1000.- at the gun unseen and untested, or does anybody know of different brands or systems.  Thanks


Unless you have a huge amount of work to use it on,I would find it hard to justify.


I just bought a pneumatic decorative nail gun from I recently got a contract with a local Seminary doing 200 oak chairs that have over 250 tacks on each. After doing two chairs  by hand, and taking over 45 minutes to tack each one I started looking for a gun. I found this one at the above site. It cost $1850.00, but cut my time down to 20 minutes each. That was just the first day that I used it. The one you are looking at is less expensive, but the tacks are way too expensive. The tacks that I buy are 19.50 to 22.50 per box of 1000.

Joys Shop

One of the biggest problems (other than the original cost) is the fact that you HAVE to buy your nails from them.

they can charge you anything they want to
if they don't have the nails you want to use---you're out of luck
if you want to put in tacks that are bigger, or smaller than the gun uses
again, you're out of luck