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July 02, 2022, 04:02:47 pm


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An Issue? Alignment/Cutting Vinyl

Started by baileyuph, May 20, 2020, 05:09:24 am

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Is there any or much focus on vinyl stretch (when cutting vinyl)?

Maybe?  But compared to woven fabrics - maybe not?

Perhaps when one is cutting vinyl patterns that will require sewing and placement on an item,
It can be important to consider these issues when working in vinyl.

Do any consider this issue with vinyl? 

If so, how is the stretch in vinyl placed on an object being upholstered? 

This can get important as the object gets more technical?

It could and probably will have some bearing on the amount of vinyl used.

Some vinyls stretch in all directions, some in two (across and up the roll), then some stretch
in merely one direction (often across the roll).

Gets technical but as the project gets more that way and which type of stretch one is dealing with (roll)
one can enhance the outcome of the project.

An example or two; auto seats and furniture upholstery both can have designs that often includes
more than flat seaming and few attached cushions - this is just part of how designs have evolved in
the upholstery used today.

Back to the question about vinyl stretch alignment?  Is it incorporated in any of your work? 



Most of the vinyl we use is two way stretch.  We need to make sure the vinyl is properly oriented when we cut.  We always take into account the amount of material lost to sewing and the amount gained from stretching.  Depending on the material we will make a new pattern and cut it bigger or smaller.  In addition, for very tight materials, we will adjust our item slightly and give it some addition seams on the arms to release tension.  We typically will add extra seams to this item

We add them at the top of the back where it curves around.  Otherwise it gets too tight.
We specialize in decorative upholstery