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June 26, 2022, 07:09:34 pm


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Do you advise customers on Fabric Selection When:

Started by baileyuph, May 08, 2020, 05:57:43 am

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What is targeted in this discussion :  "best results can be achieved by reupholstering in cloth/or
vinyl (some expensive leathers)"?

For example:  Customer has 15 yr old recliner that was built with cloth on it, now is thinking vinyl.
The chair (recliner) was originally done with something like a suede cloth and comprises pillow type
cushions on bottom, back, and arm tops and lots of seams.  Lots of wrinkles exist due to the padding/spring build-up -but looks soft due to the description given (above).

But now is thinking vinyl for the redo job.  But seeing all the wrinkles (design like I said), there is
reluctance on my part to support the idea of using the vinyl, it isn't real stiff but there are doubts
in my mind about using (vinyl) on a chair built so soft.

The vinyl just won't be as supple as the nice soft suede cloth which it was originally manufactured with.

Hope I am communicating with this issue, there is a lot of experienced readers - business people here
like Paul and all the rest - not leaving anyone out.

But, would value all comments due to the dynamics of the spring up, padding, and fabric used in
manufacturing, as described.  Everything will be reused but going with a slightly stiffer vinyl -
may not play out as good judgement.  The chair was just built "too soft" for even a fairly soft
vinyl -  you get my point because the chair just doesn't seem to be a good candidate (all those seams
and pillows will actually draw negative attention and -  highlight the wrinkles more.

I haven't suggested a real soft leather - cost is primary reason.  Some customers can't afford that
type of job.

Let me hear from all of you! Redo in similar cloth the factory used or?



May 08, 2020, 06:27:00 am #1 Last Edit: May 08, 2020, 06:30:50 am by kodydog
The problem with recliners, in my opinion is, its hard to make money on them. So much work and time spent when the customer can buy a new one for under $800. They are not one of my favorite jobs anyway so we have pretty much priced them out of the ball park.

Now add the extra time you will spend trying to make this recliner look good with a product that does not lend itself to the final goal.

Warn the customer the look and feel will be much different. Then you have to make the decision, do you really want the job? If its a long time customer you may not have a choice. But there is nothing worse than spending countless hours on a job and never really being satisfied with the end result.

Suggesting other options; Most customers choose vinyl for the stain resistance and easy clean up. But there are plenty of fabrics out there that have good stain resistance and offer a softer look and feel.  Krypton comes to mind.  Micro-suede is fairly easy to clean and a common choice for recliners. Finish it off with a high quality fabric protection and it should hold up to her satisfaction.
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We always try and direct customers to vinyl that we know will last for a long time.  Our preferred vendors are Omnova, Nassimi, and Naugahyde.  We have has lots of success with their products.  If a customer wants to use a poly for an item with tight pulls, we will suggest a similar looking vinyl.  It will save them money on the material and it will last for years longer.
We specialize in decorative upholstery