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August 12, 2022, 08:07:51 am


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How to pattern and install Arm covers on new leather recliner?

Started by baileyuph, January 01, 2020, 07:04:57 am

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New Leather recliner needs arm covers - Done these?
Customer is having a problem with arm leather peeling on the recliner (processed leather):

What are your ideas on "patterning/sewing"/installing" arm covers of (heavy cloth) to a chair
as such?

1.  Guideline of requirements: 

  Fabric:  durable cloth (heavy mat)
  Pattern:  keep it simple

What to use to hold cover in place? 

    one side sewn to arm cover,
    but the other Velcro (other piece) - how best to install that?  Would the Velcro designed
    to stick - likely stick well enough?  - need thoughts on adding staples to the Velcro side to assist
    the glue? 

2. The processed leather on the chair is peeling on tops of both arms is the thrust for the woven
    arm covers over the the tops.  So, I thought the arm covers (made simple) would help the
    customer get more use out of the processed leather.  Yes, made simple, might get the job done
    with a piece of rectangular heavy cloth (similar to denim) would work - then wondered about the
    glue-on Velcro sticking to the processed leather arm?

3.  With respect to patterning the denim, it could be a flat piece or a piece with corners (V's cut and
     sewn) - but the security of the arm cover would about have to rely on the Velcro idea (one side
     sewn to the fabric - the other Velcro component (with glue) attachment is a concern?  Add staples?

4.  If the Velcro  secured the arm cover (something simple out of cloth - as described), the customer
     would be OK, I believe.  I don't want to get into a complex patterning issue with this, plus not sure
     if long staples will secure things (an addition to the Velcro w/glue)?

     This processed leather can lead to other issues!

Any thoughts/ideas?



In this video he is making a slipcover. You can use this same technique to make an arm cover. Lay the arm cover fabric over the arm, wrong side out. Pin the front cap fabric to the arm cover body fabric. Sew. Finish the edges.

I usually use welt cord.

These two videos show what I do. She is making a slip cover so instead of using full arm fabric just use the size of fabric that will be the finished arm cover, plus the amount needed to put a hem around the edges. What I do differently is that she pins the arm cap onto the arm fabric wrong side out. I pin it right side out.

Hope this helps.