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March 04, 2024, 12:26:32 am


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Small Changes for 2020

Started by baileyuph, December 26, 2019, 12:31:11 pm

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Actually, this subject of pet protection on furniture was raised in the past, not much would said.

I picked up two or three pieces of customer furniture to do "pet protection" covers.  The customer
brought it up a few times during our encounter - before I admitted it could be done to about any level of
detail he wants.

Now he is hounding me to do them and doesn't care about price. 

I told him to wait until after Xmas and I would make them to what ever detail he wants,  I prefer to do and check his reaction before money is assigned.  That made him happy - I read his attitude to say -
price doesn't matter just do it and help me save my house full of furniture.  He has the money and literally
is to spend to save his home.

So, the market for that is dependent on what the customer wants to save - his expensive furniture!!

I caught on!



Sometimes its hard to figure out what the customer wants. Their terminology and ours can be a bit of a barrier.

"pet protection covers"  what does that mean. To me sounds like plastic slip covers. For the customer it could be something totally different and even something that simply cannot be done.

I had a customer ask if I could paint the legs on her sofa dark brown. I told her sure, no problem. Later in the conversation she said something about staining the legs. I asked her if she wanted them painted or stained because painting is much easier than staining. I guess this blew her mind and she decided to just leave the skirt on. 
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Your right Kodydog, some customers sort of know what they want but since this isn't their business,
just aren't skilled in the discussion.

NO!  Big No!. clear plastics do not appeal.  Actually, he went to a fabric store and bought a piece that
isn't bad looking, it is (didn't see a content label, a thicker material (like a light weight mat).  The piece he
bought was just a coordinate that would protect his leather furniture.  Actually, it looks nicer than clear
would.  clear he said looks like cheap, feels cheap. The mat fairly heavy cloth does look ok.  Trying to match his leather wasn't the issue.  He is leaving it up to me how I prepare the material to stay in
place (being a mat - very flexible won't be a problem). 

Things change, business changes with it. 

Some would probably say "get rid" of the problem!

Fitting won't be much of a problem because like I keep repeating, the material stabilizes itself.

Just another small change for 2020!