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August 12, 2022, 08:09:47 am


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Why Are Some Sofas More Expensive Than Others?

Started by kodydog, December 03, 2019, 06:49:21 am

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December 03, 2019, 06:49:21 am Last Edit: December 04, 2019, 06:00:04 am by kodydog
This is a question asked on Quora. Sometimes its hard to take these questions seriously.

In this consumer based capitalist country you have a choice in almost everything you buy. Whether it be cars, clothing, tools or even your home you may choose to buy the least expensive one. But experience tells us we may want to  pay a little (or a lot) more and buy a product that is higher quality and will last. Why does this logic fly out the window when it comes to buying furniture?

Most consumers understand the difference between an economy car and a luxury car. Do they really not understand the difference between a $600 sofa and a $2500 sofa?
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Something that I think enters into peoples minds is that no matter how well the frame is made the fabric covering can stain and tear therefore is an investment in a hardwood frame important ?
And who will you call after 6 years when that 2500.00 sofa develops a problem - no one wants to take responsibility even after selling you the top of the line furnishing.
It's less expensive to change the couch than recover it.  Not saying it's the right path - rather it's what's common. 
Yesterday I was doing some touch up in a home for a lady who just moved in.  She said her couch didn't fit and the Sofa Doctor (not Dennis) was called in at her expense to cut the sofa in half otherwise it was being left in the hallway.  They charged $ 1000.00 - it was a nice sofa but had it been a $ 600.00  sofa she would have been able to toss it
I think most consumers do know the difference in quality but don't think the higher priced item is the best bang for their buck.


I think most younger people don't know because they don't care. They don't entertain in their houses like their parents did so furniture is not on their "important" list. Getting a leather recliner for $299 that will last a few years before it starts looking worn, and then a few more years until it starts having problems, and then a few more years before it needs to be replaced, is fine with them.




We bought a sofa 22 years ago that cost $ 2,500 back then. It was done in heavy leather and the frame was solid hardwood.
That sofa is still in excellent shape. It pays to buy quality furniture.



Same thing we all experience - PRICE SELLS!