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August 12, 2022, 07:39:45 am


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This old quality furniture (upholstered) is HEAVY!

Started by baileyuph, November 05, 2019, 05:48:20 am

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Finished some other type work - started a love seat upholstery job.  Don't know the age for sure
but is at least 50 plus years old.  Coils in the bottom supported by cables with metal straps on
both ends.  Removed staples but could originally been done with tacks (saw some of those left).

Style looks traditional, but no skirt.

One thing I noted, don't believe ever saw it before and that is the side to side deck seam, joining
the front, selected cloth to the decking denim, is not is not stitched to the spring top burlap.  It stays
in the side to side depression, but surprises me it does it without a seam.

I did note a piece of fairly thick plastic welt filler is sewn between the two materials (uph & denium), is pulled plenty tight (side to side).  Obviously these dynamics makes the join look professional.  So,
I will not fight this issue, since there isn't an appearance or durability issue.

First time I have seen this - so learned another way of doing this - with coils I suppose.
For sure this baby is heavy and I have to make it pretty!

Never stop learning in this business.



When the front "seat" needs to be replaced I add a welt to hand sew to the fabric/denim seam. Maybe this is what your seeing Doyle?
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