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April 12, 2024, 03:30:07 pm


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New Website Technology.

Started by Mojo, April 21, 2018, 08:22:36 pm

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I just finished 2 web sites and I must say, things are getting easier to produce nice websites.
I use Inmotion hosting and built the websites using wordpress and bold grid. Because our manufacturing company is selling a lot of parts now including he ones we manufacture, we had to get an online store started.

I dreaded trying to do that. What I found out was that it was fairly easy and it directly linked to our square account. It is pretty cool now as the orders come via e-mail, the shipping address is included and the parts already paid for. Before that we had to handle every sale over the phone and it was damn time consuming.

One of the reasons I went with inmotion is their tech support. I have really screwed somethings up with a wrong setting and took the website off line by accident. They immediately got it back up and running and made the correct setting changes. I think they take mercy on my old self.

If anyone is looking at building a new website or want to spruce theirs up I strongly suggest inmotion hosting as well as using wordpress & boldgrid. There is a boat load of how to youtube videos for both of these programs.

Here are the two sites I recently overhauled.



Nice job Chris. Looks very professional.

I use Sitebuilder by Yahoo. When I showed it to the SCORE guy he said yahoos programs are obsolete and don't jive with Google. Needless to say I need to find another web site building host. The thought of rebuilding my website is daunting.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Give Inmotion a try. They have good prices but they really shine with tech support. Use Wordpress and Bold Grid together to build your website. Inmotion also has a bunch plugin's like contact forms, photo sliders, etc. Find a template you like and start making it your own.

I did that entire website myself and let Inmotion do the coding in the backend to make it go live to the public. They never charge for tech support. I am not very good with technology but wordpress and bold grid made it much easier and gives you professional results. Check out youtube videos on boldgrid. That is what I liked about wordpress and boldgrid. There are tons of youtube tutorials.

I looked at other web hosting sites but didn't like their support and some of their web site building programs suck.
Wordpress and boldgrid while being easy to work with is very powerful.