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Pfaff 1245, thread fraying and skipping stitches

Started by Connie, October 13, 2016, 07:57:20 pm

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My new Pfaff 1245 sewing machine has great reviews, but I have run into some problems.  Is there a troubleshooting guide for it?  My problem is that the thread is fraying before it gets to the eye of the needle and the stitches are skipping.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.


October 14, 2016, 05:05:13 am #1 Last Edit: October 14, 2016, 05:46:18 am by Tejas
Here is a link to an adjustment manual.

Might not be helpful but if you try the following google search, there are a few posts that mention the Pfaff 1245 and thread fraying:

pfaff 1245 thread fraying

Juki 1508; Bernina 217 with CAM Reader


As for skipping stitches, here is a link to another forum. The last post has a link to a sewing machine troubleshooting pdf that has 31 causes and solutions for skipping stitches.

Juki 1508; Bernina 217 with CAM Reader


Good morning Connie! If at all possible try another spool and with the stand top guide straight above the spool. Just curious can you share the type of thread, it shouldn't matter but is of interest mainly if its bonded.
Moving on, the skipping can be thru a perfect thread path but with a glitch in the spool and may amplify a smaller issue so a pita yet an elimination process needs noted.
I had just about the same issue though didn't see a snag or bond, glue or tight spot on about a 1/4 spool nylon, and I pulled plenty off checking this very thing (but some how wrong), in short replaced with new spool and wahla seems all good.
I have heard of factory professionals using straws as thread guides eliminating possibilities as this and getting machines back online.
Something I have seen and is a great benefit and thats taking a video of a sample piece during this sewing machine issue. I'm considering this as I have seen others and its super helpful, seeing all views of thread path etc. figuring this out.
I recently had the same thread fraying issue again myself, having say a ring of the thread on the spool dropped down and around the plastic cup holder somehow and I started the run and of course it tensioned around that but traveled a 2" stitchline , hmm great I said and looking at this easily noticed thread fray, ultra tite- omg was it ever! the short line on top of material.
It was possibly easier to recognize as the 277 thread is pretty darn tough to break and i caught it before that, anyway this was the brand new spool next morning so its a good habit to check ( like I will remember that ya!)

Best of luck with it on this Friday