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June 26, 2022, 08:24:51 pm


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How I make patterns for vinyl

Started by Peppy, April 20, 2012, 07:56:29 pm

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I made this post and thought I'd archive it here. Hope it helps somebody. Good luck!

I was making a motorcycle seat yesterday and thought I'd show you how I make patterns. Forgive me, I'm on my iPod so they aren't thumbnails and I hope they aren't out of order.
Here's the dust cloth stapled to the foam. I cut half the cloth how I like it.
Fold the cloth in half, feel where it lays nice on the other side of the foam.
Cut the other half of the cloth. I might cut the original layer too if I want. While its folded in half cut a nice big lead on your white pencil and give a good gob of spit on it (or I keep a wet teabag nearby and roll the lead around on it) then put it inbetween the two layers to mark a reference mark on both sides at the same time.
Now that my face piece is symmetrical (along with my reference marks) I only half to make half the border pattern. I'm not worried that the cloth is all wrinkled as long as it lays flat along the seam. I'll pull the piss out of the vinyl to get it over the hump.
Tadaa! We seamed it at center  because we were given a tiny scrap of vinyl and we had to make do. Normally we would have mirrored it without the seam.

I'm not saying this is THE way to pattern. It works for me. I've never had much luck doing it like Darren says unless it's a very simple thing. Also it would be easier to do it that way if I was sewing it I think. You could sew a bit,  try it on, sew a bit more...ect. I usually make a pattern then run down to the marina and upholster it a week later.

And I guess it's not really a boat seat, but I hope it helps!
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Jan D

Thanks for the great post and photo's of the motorcycle seat it's a big help to me on a job I'm going to be doing. Jan D
Jan D