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June 26, 2022, 08:08:33 pm


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shrinking wrinkles in fabrics

Started by lc, February 25, 2012, 04:25:35 pm

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This works for many fabrics once you have complete a job with the odd wrinkle,. some fabrics will not shrink yet it works well with tapestries and some velvets.
Boil water in a kettle and pour it into a squirt bottle'll be hot so use a cloth to hold the bottle '
You may find the squirt bottle will deform...,however if you squirt areas that bother you from wrinkles and bubbling .,spray the area with the hot water and let dry  overnight .....most cases it works wonders .
I use a steamer also ., at times the hot water is better.


have you ever tried it on vinyl ? I use a heat gun. it dosent so much shrink the wrinkle as loosen everything up around it eliminatimg the wrinkle course it may shrink on some


Yes I do use the heat gun for vinyl it works great but some vinyls don't react as well..any trick that can help me there would be great especially with snowmachine seats ..lots  of tuggng and shifting to rid the wrinkles. uggh !


I use an arbor press to smoosh the foam, so it's one side to the base side the other to fabric side. I made a square surface for the fabric side and it streches out the smooshed area. I hope you understand. Works wonders. You still pull but your arms live to see another day.


I am unfamiliar with an arbor press sounds interesting.


I steam Vinyl and it works great inside and out. It softens and allows for incredible stretch and when it dries it shrinks a little and tightens everything up. I am currently upholstering a lot of office chairs, Love the steam.


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Test it first at the bench before you start. If it won't shrink there , then it won't shrink on the piece. Plus, you'll know how much wiggle room you have.