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September 25, 2023, 03:55:14 am


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Sew foam

Started by JuneC, January 13, 2012, 03:37:25 pm

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Just checked; the guy I bought it from is foam4less, but now he doesn't have any items for sale. But I think it may be cheaper to find a roll marketed for packaging. It's the same stuff.


Beautiful work, Mike!

I've never been given the latitude to use sewfoam on vinyl cushions, but I see the benefit!  It can be frustrating to have to reuse foam and not see that nice, plump, filled out look after the skins are stuffed.  No wonder your work is always so beautiful, June. 



Ya lookin good Mike. Old Checkmate?

We get the grey sew foam w/backing from Action in Sarasota. Check out my Creative Canvas facebook page to see pics of an interior Beth did for a 28' Skater tunnel hull. Boat was a hideous yellow, vinyl was shot. Wasn't my job but had reservations about the purple & white scheme. Came out awesome. Cept the guys rushed the rear seat install & got a lil off center. (This was fixed later.)
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Ok, got some reasonable pics. 

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I like that grey stuff. We got some at an auction a bit ago. It's a nice relief from the normal 1/2-1/4" stuff we get, which seams to only be getting chintzier.
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I've found this place good for scrim foam