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June 26, 2022, 07:33:53 pm


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Spam Spam Spam!

Started by KenB, November 21, 2010, 08:55:54 am

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Quote from: byhammerandhand on May 02, 2012, 10:59:22 am
... when the economy is bad, or people lost their jobs, they think, "Hey, I can sell life insurance."    They join, go to training and licensing, sell to their family and a few friends, then find they've exhausted their leads.  Within a year, many flush out.
Car dealers love to hire energetic young bucks as salesmen. They know the guy probably has a lot of friends. For the first month or 2, he's their new "Golden boy". He can do no wrong, at least until he has run out of friends to sell a car to. Then they toss him out like yesterday's trash.
Now the guy's got no job, and a lot fewer friends. Same with insurance salesmen. Those companies know that you're going to flame out sooner rather than later. They just get what they can out of you.
Those "high moral" juice companies hook you with the subliminal message that you will achieve prosperity through a strong faith. If you fail, it's not because the juice is over-priced crap. It's because you didn't maintain the faith.
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Quote from: mroy559 on August 28, 2012, 09:46:27 pmPlease tend not to click on links inside the spam issues. They generate income when you need to do and revisit post again. Bobby or I need to open each and every spam theme and erase them one by one. The newest ones are appearing out of Russia.

Just reported this, but quoted in case it disappears.  Note the author is NOT Ken.  The link is to a "plus size" fashion site (no, I didn't click it).  The author just copy n' pasted the OP in a thread about avoiding spam.  Try to be a little creative, geez...
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Yeah, mroy was lurking about for a while last year. Always re-phrasing existing posts. I wondered if there is some sort of "spambot" technology that does that for them? I remember that while some members referred to me as "sofa", he would call me "couch". ::)
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


A lot of times the spam has already been deleted by the time I see that's it's been reported! :)

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1.  What might this group promote to address spam "new member", as I think it is a new issue.

2.  Can the site have a moderation notice, that some post can be moved to a more appropriate area.

3.  Can we get installed an area for discussion of a more personal intention, as have seen in and on  other sites progression and in this, some organization as rules are a "basic", like a typical moderator mention "we can move this to this area if you like.
  ( this shouldn't be a big deal in our society)

4.  Its tough being a Boss and even in that they must designate lead persons to conduct operations, within "set guidelines" for the task. These in our day are "measureable responsibilities"

what say

Thank you and good Friday


Hi Floyd,

1. You could require new members to show city, state, email address, and post pictures of their upholstery question. This would cut out some of the spammers. I would not want to hinder, too much, new folks being able to ask questions, though. Having them post pictures with their questions would be helpful to those wanting to help as well as the those asking for help.

2. Occasionally there have been posts in weird areas and someone replies with a suggestion that they post it in the General section. So having folks who can do that automatically may be helpful. It doesn't seem to happen very often, though.

3. I think this has been mentioned before. One problem is that when you check for new posts, there might be 35 new posts all in the general chat room, and only a few in the upholstery related areas. It would be a pain to wade through these to only look at the upholstery posts. Also, there are so many other places on the internet where folks can talk about how their day was. Do we need yet another?

4. If I lost my thumb and ring finger in an industrial accident, I think I could still count on that hand the number of problems we've had on this forum in the last 10 years of so.

There are many things a forum can do, and needs to do, if it is growing or already big. This forum is on the small side and I don't see the need to make many changes. And not that changes wouldn't be helpful. I'm not sure how important it is.

Just some thoughts from a member who is grateful for having found this forum many moons ago.




A great place I found as well a few moons ago, I do appreciate the reply.

I wished the new questions could be answered or addressed in some way quicker for the few that used the designed first area, I fail to look in these other areas as new post initially and so need to work on that.
Possibly something in highlight for new post, anything as I already have a sign : )
Just for an option to help answer their question and hey if they had central America at least I have an idea who might be close, or a company that is close for that item or service etc.

Some consideration in signatures and some web site listings could be better used at IGA or pigly wigly or local sales instead of an Upholstery site. Especialy with no postings first!, pretty hokie I think of some.

I totally understand the hits or each link makes money somewhere for some one but hey, I don't do cuuupns "here"

The areas now setup are used some and I do hope get used more in the future as they benefit many interested in the soap box speaking and tech articles posted here.

Have a great weekend you all


This is a test after upgrade. Please ignore.
"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda


Another test after upgrading.
"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda