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September 25, 2023, 02:59:31 am


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Bent Bimini Top Frame

Started by regalman190, June 18, 2010, 07:03:42 am

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I was brought this pontoon bimini frame, that was bent in a storm, and the top was ripped to shreds. Need to make a new top, but the boat is four hours away. ??? So I measured the old top best I could, rigged the frame in my jig and straightened it (as good as I can). ::) Made the new top and gave back to the client. Told him he may need to move or adjust mounts since I couldn't pattern it on the boat. Well, he got lucky and with a few minor adjustments, it fit pretty good  8). I was happy and so was he.

Regal Canvas


Hey, if the customer's happy, that's all that counts, whether you like it or not.  Bent frames are always a serious challenge. 

But, you see that dip just after the aft bow and behind the forward bow?  That's what Peppy was referring to in his thread about "pushing" the seams.  You can minimize that with pocket placement.  I'm not sure it can ever be eliminated completely.  Guys????  Pics?

All in time.  It took years before I was happy with a bimini and some I produce still put wrinkles in wrong places that frustrate the heck out of me.  I'll bet guys in this business for 20+ years are still trying to perfect their canvas.  I know I am. 

Keep up the good work.  Customer satisfaction is king! 

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