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March 04, 2024, 01:34:21 am


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Air Staple guns - short experiece

Started by baileyuph, April 06, 2020, 06:11:55 am

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Straightening up the shop - I became aware there was a several staple guns in a pile.  They were
all quality brands, something like 7 or 8 (air guns).

Maybe it was curiosity, I suppose drove me to hook one up to just see what the outcome would be.

Well, it misfired, so I decided to tear it down - just to see.  Cleaned it up and gave it some lubrication
just to see -- turned out it started working.  This gave encouragement to check all of them and with
persistent cleaning, etc.-- got all of them working.  All but one, which was the long nose. 

Tore it down to check assembly and more cleaning - never revived it.  It fires but just will not reliably
put a staple out.

Looked it over, trying to determine the brand to support acquiring potential parts.  No brand label,
just found something like  a serial number - now I am looking for the manual (hoping to learn the
brand and correct assembly.

Most of these tools would be worthy of new seals and perhaps other parts if the industry was
tuned this way.

Do any of you replace new seals or just go for new replacements?

I never could grasp the mechanical logic of these guns!

My electric gun (I use when away from an air-compressor) is a relatively newer version and
I am pleased with it for a lot of work.

Oh shoot!  I wish sometimes.

Hope every one is going through the virus thing as well as possible.



I've bought a rebuild kit for BEA stapler twice now. It replaces all the O rings. Worked great both times.

I have a BEA that I use all the time. High end quality stapler. I have a long nose cheapy that I only use occasionally so it lasts as long as the BEA.

Be safe out there.



Does it pay to give employees an allowance to buy and care for their own gun ? 


My BEA long nose has performed for several years very well.  Like I said, my recent cleaning
and lubrication has it still working.

Like you, however I will look for a rebuild kit (O-rings and what ever). 
I would buy another BEA if it is necessary. 

The long nose is more essential for some of the furniture work.

SENCO - is another strong gun.

I have several of those, and even though all carry the same label, there are some mechanical
differences (comparing the older with the newer guns).



We use BeA guns and we always repair them.  It is usually a $15-$20 repair and our staple vendor does it for us.  We eventually will break one bad enough that it isn't worth fixing and we will save it for parts.
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