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April 12, 2024, 01:19:42 pm


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Trundle Bed History - Anyone know?

Started by baileyuph, July 07, 2019, 06:33:25 am

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Customer brought me a relatively new trundle bed - for somewhat major wood repair - trundle was
the name applied by him. 

On initial inspection it was fully upholstered and would appear as a (maybe) love seat because it
was very formal and upholstered in a tufted diamond back pattern around the three inside parts (inside back & two arms).  The bottom area was made with a large cushion giving it a more traditional look.  He
explained it was actually a somewhat formal sitting area by day and by night more as a two level
bed, in that the lower level - almost sitting on floor was the lower level bed.  This level could be
rolled out (had very small wheels).  It was perfect for extra bedding in a smaller house/room.

Anyway, somehow it had frame breakage - the upholstered arms, and deck of the main level (12
slats were cut - with new/stronger lumber.  Joinery on the corners was angled with dowels. 
All this accomplishment required removing the fancy diamond tufting in arms and inside back.

This wasn't an antique, but referenced "trundle furniture" reproduction.  He said it was still made new-
on the expensive side.  Understandable as it serves as two available beds (night time) and
as a very formal love seat (daytime).  Not so easily seen, was 12 slats supporting the top level cushion or bed as described.

This was my first encounter with such furniture term (I think). 
Would like to hear if any have background information on such?  Country developed and used widely?

Different?  Got it repaired and went back to work on my boat covers.