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July 14, 2024, 08:56:09 am


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15' fishing boat cover - no existing snap bases

Started by Judy_Boat, June 13, 2019, 06:16:17 am

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Hi All,
i have not posted for quite awhile, been away from upholstery for some time.
i am doing a 15" aluminum fishing boat. Lots of carpet, hence the need for a cover. Boat stays in the water. No motor well.
Snap on cover seems the easiest, however there are no snap bases on the boat.
The only place with any thickness to attach the snap bases is the aluminum rub rail. Will the screw in snap bases work or do i need to drill and tap and use the threaded snap bases?

i have been pondering a draw strap cover, but cannot quite see how the cover could be kept taut enough to keep water from pooling.


Hello. If using screw in snaps, drill next size down from 1/8" drill bit. This would let the screw really bite into the metal. A dab of 5200 in the hole would also strengthen. Another option would be to pop rivet the snaps. As far as making it taught enough, especially if using Sunbrella (as it stretches when water pools), I would recommend support poles as needed. With support poles, then vents could be incorporated in the cover. This is important to get a little air circulation under the cover and extract the heat build up. This principal helps with mildew. Three things promote mildew - water, dirt and heat.



if i pop rivet the snaps, then could i go below the rub rail with the cover


snaps are going into the rub rail okay. i was not sure which glue is the 5200, so i am using a PL premium glue in the holes.the test snap looks good.


Judy, we have a young man on here who is getting into boats. Pictures would be awesome not just for him but for me too. I have no idea what a rub rail is. Sounds like you figured it out. 
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


i will add some pictures as i go with this cover.

Darren Henry

A day late and a dollar short again. Sorry Judy, haven't been following the board much for a few months.

For those who haven't already drilled holes in their boat--- the snaps MUST go on the bottom portion of the rub rail. Snaps on the top of the rub rail get smashed by gas tanks (loading them into the boat), anchor ropes etc... and snag fishing lines that get too close. It also avoids issues with wind "popping" the snaps off or driving rain in between them.
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Ive put snap stud in the top of the rubrail on small fishing boat on the side will rip off when hotting the dock and over the side the cover wil rub on the dock pist fllating