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April 12, 2024, 03:33:11 pm


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Imports - This was read on some tags

Started by baileyuph, August 26, 2018, 06:41:09 am

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Doing some decorator pillows (larger number) and read the tags:

Learned that Jo Ann's fabrics are largely owned by foreign (China?), keep that in mind.....

The pillows were labeled as marketed by a domestic company back in the state of CN.  Further, the
enclosure (liner) was imported from another foreign entity (liner w/zipper without filler at this point-- they looked nice) and imported to the Eastern state for the filler to be added and zipped up.

As I said customer bought them at Jo Ann.

In review possibly three countries involved (if info is correct China farmed out the sewing).  What ever is the cheapest is what works because "price" sells!!

So, in review, I cut/sewed/stuffed the decorative pillows in fabric from China.

What's next?  Fast food for me?