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May 20, 2024, 07:40:26 am


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Good Start To 2017

Started by kodydog, April 22, 2017, 05:58:50 pm

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This year started with some really neat projects.

We had a lot of fun working with this customer to make this retro chair just as she wanted. She bought this hair-on-hide cowhide and asked if she could be part of the pattern placement. Of course we agreed. Our button maker wouldn't work with this thick product so we gave her several options. Including the final decision to make them out of a matching thinner leather hide from our scrap box. Pretty cool eh.

An authentic Adrian Pearsall MidCentury Sofa! We completely restored it using HR foam and Perelli rubber webbing.
Adrian Pearsall designed some of the most exuberant and expressive American furniture of the 1950s and '60s. Pearsall studied architectural engineering at the University of Illinois before opening his Pennsylvania furniture company, Craft Associates, in 1952, and that training shows in many designs. His pieces are highly sought after by collectors.

When we stripped the fabric off we were surprised to find the original fabric still underneath displaying a Harvey Probber label. His designs are highly sought after by MidCentury collectors.
Harvey Probber Furniture Designer (1922-2003)
American furniture designer who is credited with inventing sectional, modular seating in the 1940s. Probber was one of an early band of pioneers in a field that included D.J. DePree of Herman Miller, Hans Knoll in 1945 and in the middle years of the twentieth century. Harvey Probber became one of America's leading designers. Probber's designs were sought after by customers who wanted modern furniture with elegance.

The chair is Ethan Allen. The Fabric is red velvet. The upholsterer is Ladd Upholstery Designs. The look is stunning! (Okay, so that's the goofy stuff I post on Facebook)

After upholstering this antique chair we set it off to the side in front of a window. The light filtering through the beautifully carved back created amazing patterns on the adjacent wall.

These two 1959 (tag on inside arm) mid century bedroom chairs in a tiger print chenille fabric for one of our favorite designers.

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