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March 03, 2024, 11:24:16 pm


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Slowing down a Consew

Started by byhammerandhand, April 18, 2017, 08:48:11 am

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We recently got a Consew CN3115-RB1 (supposed to be clone of some model of Singer).   Had it to the shop for a tuning and lube and wife has just started to use it.    She's doing some detail work and would like it to go a lot slower.   Is there a technique or a way to do that (without having to buy a new servo motor or fool with the pulleys and belts?)  I'm thinking just "riding the clutch" is not a good way either.

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Quote from: byhammerandhand on April 18, 2017, 08:48:11 am
Is there a technique or a way to do that (without having to buy a new servo motor or fool with the pulleys and belts?) 
Other than loosening the belt so that it almost slips a little to avoid jack rabbit starts, I can't think of anything that doesn't involve changing the motor and/or pulley.

Is the motor a 3450 RPM?
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When I was in my late teens - if you rode the clutch they didn't let you drive.  I have a CDL from the time I was 16 and that's  a term only an old guy uses :) -  OK here's one - try time shifting on your machine - good luck


It just tkes a little getting use to. After time she wll learn how
much pressure to put on the petal.


She will only get better with use.  Also, us non servo users will lightly pump the pedal to keep the machine speed under control.  I never sew without pumping.

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I made this 6 1/2" handwheel for mine.  Slowed her down to about 1/2 speed.  I also adjusted the clutch so it engages at the very touch of the pedal.  SOOOOOO much better.  Wheel is made from Cheap MDF Took 15 minutes to make it using 5 minute epoxy and my wood lathe.  I've made several for other "Stitchers" and they all love em.  If you need help with one, contact me and I'll lend a hand.