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September 25, 2022, 04:14:54 am


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Clear Vinyl Window Rot

Started by jojo, February 19, 2017, 12:28:34 pm

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I have a customer who has an enclosure that's about 5 years old (I wasn't the original maker).  He called me to replace the side and windshield panels because they have turned brown. I've never seen clear vinyl deteriorate this fast. He said he cleans them with "plastic cleaner". I asked if he meant something specifically made for cleaning Vinyl windows, and he said no, that it's the same stuff he cleans the exterior of the boat with. My question is, would the wrong type of cleaner cause the vinyl to turn brown prematurely? Thanks!


Yes from the builders and articles I've heard from its a priority to mention. Including a bottle of the right stuff in a new build invoice, listed would be good. Whatever clear you use, their recommended cleaner its what i would use. The price alone of this stuff is so expensive it pays to alert the family or whoever is helping clean. Its likely selective products i believe in the mfg recommendations, gofigure!



The cheaper clears will fail in 5 years, wrong chemicals on all, will assist in early failure on the best. By an airport, jet fuel, coal fired power plant, and lack of care. 


5 years is good going in the med, sometimes less, most local shops use the cheap clear vinyl.
Most customers don't want to pay for the good stuff, but the few that do sure stand out after a couple of years.



5 years in florida is a long time I did a large enclosure 5.5 years ago. used strataglass.  he sold the boat and the new owner called me the bintyl was cracking on one window but the rest were ok the new guy has cheaped out and wanted regular vinyl