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September 25, 2022, 04:03:03 am


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Marine People Help!

Started by jojo, September 09, 2016, 08:16:02 am

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Hi guys, got something to bounce off you. Customer had canvas enclosure mad a few years ago and never really used it. When he went to put it on last week it had shrunk about 1.5" all around, to where he can't snap the snaps. Question: instead of adding fabric around the bottom perimeter an reinstalling all of the snaps, would it work to extend the fore and aft zipper flaps and sides and simply move the zippers down? Thanks so much for any advice!


Its a good possibility for the part that has the present zipper, the sides may be in need of re-alignment and a tune up with that move. What's the material that was used if known.
Seems more vinyl in the fabric the more this is noticed, especialy bow covers that are made and never used or put on, learned that on my second boat it was a perfectly stored never used bow cover in a nice $ white vinyl type product, but anyway this same issue for sure when clear is used.
I have learned from some fabricators, a storage area for clear to shrink to curtail this issue prior to the build, and I'm talking the elite pros around the world using the best materials on the top dog boats. If its is used by these its normal and we have to start doing this, I think it is a pain and leaves a portion of the "required work to me" on their the mfg's part. This is in professional business discussions of in trade personnel so that's all I will say. (not that there's anymore :)
Its possible with this fix JoJo that the "extend zipper" can be used its a well designed product and I believe a member here as with several members here way back enjoying the marine areas, anyway she designed it and long ago I understand.

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I am going to guess the fabric as Sunbrella. It shrinks in one direction and stretches in another. Reason why I refuse to use Sunbrella. It seems to have gotten worse since Glen Raven started havin g their fiber mixing done in China.

There is a possibility that the fabric could be re-stretched. Soak it down and then before it dries stretch the daylights out of it and clamp it down while it dries or snap it in place. If you can get it attached again JoJo while it is wet, let it dry in the sun. Sometimes heat will relax the fabric.


Darren Henry

My guess would be that either the binding and whatever material they added to set the snaps in have shrunk or the owner has moved the top frame. [don't laugh I've seen that happen often.]

I'd remove the binding etc...from one curtain and try it on the boat. If it fits again re hem the curtains---if not try adjusting the frame.
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Thanks guys. The fabric is Sunbrella with the vinyl coating on the underside. Sunbrella binding too, with poly webbing for snap reinforcement.
The moving the frame thing sounds intriguing, but I don't think he did, as there are stanchions on all parts of it. I don't think he would've messed with it.
He says the boat is a 2012, the canvas was made that year too, and only used once, then put away.
I'm just worried that my plan to extent the bimini top instead of adding length to the bottom will somehow go awry because of the curve of the flaps.


September 14, 2016, 07:15:09 pm #5 Last Edit: September 14, 2016, 07:16:28 pm by Mike
jojo talk to tammy here she can fix it

but id try to get it snapped and streach   not usubg it was the worst thing ive seen canvas aft curtains stored away in a hot locker on deck and then at the end of the week it 2 inches to short like chris said sunbrella will shrink on the warp and  streach on the weft

of course you could easily make your own zipper extensions