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September 25, 2022, 05:05:15 am


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Boat Cover Vents?

Started by jojo, August 21, 2016, 09:22:38 am

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Hey guys,

Making a boat cover from Top Gun, which doesn't really breathe. Normally I'd put boat vents in where the poles go, but this boat uses the flexible battens going from side to side instead of poles.

Sooo... what to use for venting?

Thanks in advance!


JoJo I recall the first I heard of this and from a Pro on the site here, June it was. Its nice hearing from her and bobbin and many of you greats. I'm not even green so cannot shut my mouth :)
Anyway the mention of curling a firm piece of say clear vinyl and covering this with the canvas as a hood. This can have the screen of choice available, phifertex or heavy marine shop stock. The placement of this screen can be on the canvas or if best in some situation on the opening or both.
That's my take on it, and a good point you bring especially in road travel cover I believe. Some tow vehicles really put the wind on the cover along with the rain. I believe several here have put their spin and tried it with happy results, this even works on tents /blinds or fish shacks, as closed but if pressure then a release.



Thanks Floyd, I ended up buying Vent-Aire vents, which are curved triangular shaped pieces of plastic, which can be covered with fabric.
Now I'm anxious about the placement on the cover. Thought about putting them on the center downslopes, but when traveling with the cover on, would the wind catch under that scoop and rip it off of the cover?
Decisions, decisions. Plus, aesthetically, they don't really look great....


Big Mike is going to be your best bet on info. He is a Marine Master. Try sending him a PM. If he doesn't answer you then let me know and I will call him and rattle his cage.

I just called him a week ago for some advice on a job I was doing.



Ya that's a great find with them, thanks for the tip!
I might just pick a dozen of them up, just for the already molded feature sure looks to be less pain.
Them wont come off in my opinion especially faced away from the travel winds.
Just having them all directed towards the rear and down is the ticket.
I picked up some vinyl covered hd mesh some time ago from rochford, I like it and its much less than phifertex.
I think you got it whooped, and they don't air up the canvas like the others for sure traveling.

good day there


If I understand this issue, the vents should not be mounted where they will likely take in more water or wind.    A lot of boats are hauled on trailer to the water is the reason I say.