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June 25, 2024, 01:44:39 am


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What should one know about these - composition woods?

Started by baileyuph, June 28, 2016, 06:23:25 pm

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What is being referenced by composition wood in the subject ---are the boards now available with the following charactics:  they are smooth and seeming perfectly sized, and have no grain.

Basically, what I am after this time - - is the composition wood going to stand up on a home when it is used to replace  press board as a gutter board?     

Let me frame the question this way, would this wood (composition wood) be suitable as a finished gutter board on a home?  That is, good as the press board stuff used in years past under the rain gutters?

Currently on the home (30 year old home) , the gutter board back then was--a press board - now needs replaced .

A lot of detail here, but I am wondering about the merits of replacing that older press board with the composition wood, a supplier showed me.  He said they sell a lot of the composition wood.  It would be finished as the press board was in the past.

It is an option or go to 3/4 inch thick pine and of course paint.

An too, in my furniture repair work, the composition wood looks like it could serve some purposes, it is normally covered by upholstery.  I assume it would glue and screw ok?

If this isn't clear, please ask for clarification.

There several wood people on this site that know their subject well, which is much appreciated.