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June 26, 2022, 07:03:18 pm


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At the owners request ...

Started by R.A.F. CaNvAs, November 08, 2011, 11:51:47 am

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R.A.F. CaNvAs

Not that I usually make what the customer asks for....
Because usually the customer has no idea what will Look and Work well.
(I'm all about image and performance myself)
   But .... well  every now and again with cock-sure certain clients
      I switch off , refrain from giving advice, and just DO-IT.
       It's so easy going along with the owners design and getting paid from the neck down !
    :'(            DOH .. forgot to put my RAF logo on this one.     Aint she sweet.



I love it when customers say, can't you just do blah blah blah, its easy, I'd do it myself if...

It's so hard to explain why it wont look right. Makes you want to just do it so you can say, SEE told you.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


If you keep knocking out stuff like that I'll be forced to offer you a job. ;)

R.A.F. CaNvAs

  Did I mention that it is held to the underside of the flybridge
   with no less than 40 stainless hooks and 80 screws.
    Yet I wasn't allowed to use P track as it would look too ugly....
     WTF !
       Sorry PDQ all a bit busy at the moment , So I can't come over 
          to teach you how to make wrinkly loose covers.
            But I'll be sure to post more excrement examples for ya. ???


Wow.  Make sure you save that picture for the home page of your website.

It used to bug me when a customer would tell me how to do something.  But now it doesn't, I just smile and say, "sounds like you have a great plan, when are you going to start the project?".


Hooks  can't be ferry waterproof. And my head would hurt hitting them.  That's got to be at least 6' long vinyl panels.  What a PIA to store


It that actually tied to the aft grab rail with ties?   :-\  I especially like how the side curtains drain inside the cockpit instead of outside. 

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