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General Discussion / Pro Tip: Sewing Leather With Ease
August 20, 2012, 09:10:56 am
We're excited to debut the first installment in a series of short "Pro Tip" videos that we've produced to help rookie (and perhaps even not-so-rookie) auto trimmers get the job done - effectively, efficiently and professionally.

In our first video, Naseem shares a simple trick that he uses to allow leather to slide under his sewing machine with ease.

Check it out!
Hi all,

Check out our exclusive interview with master auto trimmer Shannon Walters of Interiors by Shannon:

General Discussion / Do you offer tiered pricing?
June 23, 2012, 09:00:34 am
HRR Mag recently published an interesting article by Ace Eckleberry of ACE Custom Upholstery & Rod Shop in which he discusses the benefits of offering customers service packages priced according to tier.

The piece makes for an interesting read - especially for shops looking to simplify the process through which they give estimates.

Check it out:
Diamond Tufting on the exterior?

This is the definition of RIDICULOUS!
Carlex Design, a Polish design firm, is responsible for the upholstery in this Mini Countryman.

Check it out:
We'd love your feedback on a video we put together, showing auto trimmers how to build mini display motorcycle seats to hang for display to their customers.

Check it out:

Thanks in advance!
Hours behind the sewing machine causing back problems? Check out this short, two-page guide on how to curb the aches and pains:

It's definitely worth a read!
General Discussion / French-seam Piping
June 06, 2012, 10:43:49 am
You've seen French seams. You've seen piping. But have you ever seen the two styles combined?

Check it out:
There's nothing more aggravating than a sewing needle that skips, makes irregular stitches or puckers fabric - especially when there's work to do. Fortunately, Schmetz Needles put together a handy troubleshooting guide to help resolve such problems.

The guide isn't comprehensive, but - more often than not - will help put your machine back on track to finishing that seat cover.

Check it out:
Check out our interview with Jay Teske of Pirate Upholstery - the shop behind some of the jaw dropping motorcycle seats featured on Discovery Channel's "American Choppers":
Auto upholsterers have seen it all - from the tasteless to the absolutely bizarre. Some of these interiors will blow your mind:
FYI: Coast to Coast Leather has mailed out samples of its latest materials, including automotive/marine leathers and vinyls. Most notably, the package features the long-awaited 2009-2010 foreign and domestic OEM leather sample card.

More info:
General Discussion / Auto Upholstery Job Openings
May 23, 2012, 02:19:04 pm
Just a quick note to let everyone know that we've updated our "jobs" page with loads of new and exciting job opportunities in the field of auto upholstery. Check them out:
We've all been there before - standing around, scratching our heads, trying to figure out why business is so unusually slow. When suddenly it hits us: "Putting an ad in the paper will bring customers in!"

So we contact our local newspapers, pay for an ad and wait. But after a few weeks, the response is merely lukewarm. Fed up with wasting money, we pull the ad and that's that.

The fact is, with this type of marketing strategy we'll never get ahead. Upholstery shops are better off investing their time and money into building brand awareness than chasing after quick bucks.

Here are a few ideas on how to do it and why it's important:
Long gone are the days when camel was just a color - now you can actually upholster in their skin! The National recently sat down with Jean-Marie Gigante, French leather-science expert, to talk about the benefits of upholstering in camel leather and where you can get it.

Check it out:
Have you ever seen those tiny airbag tabs that are sewn to the outside panels of car seats? They usually serve as warnings to auto upholstery shops. However, printed tabs - or fabric labels - are capable of so much more.

Attaching a label that features your company's name and/or contact information to tonneau covers, motorcycle seats and other upholstery jobs is a great way to brand your work. It also helps to advertise your shop long after the job is complete.

Check out how you can get labels for cheap:
Upholsterers that incorporate emblems and logos into their custom work need to check out Brands of the World - a great online resource for vector graphics that are free and easy to download.

The possibilities are endless. You could cut the logo out of ¼" cell foam and incorporate it in panels or headliners for an embossed look. You could even size the logo small for a stitched design on motorcycle seats. What's more, vector graphics work great for embroidery machine software.

Check it out:
You may be under the impression that the types of foam your upholstery shop uses are flame retardant. But according to a recent study overseen by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, many flame-retardant foams ignite just as quickly and intensely as regular foam - a safety issue we should all be concerned about.

Check it out:
Customers base their purchase decisions on three primary factors: price, quality and convenience. While most upholstery shops already compete on price and quality, convenience is a factor that's all-too-often overlooked.

Cunning business owners know that the easier you are to purchase from, the more money you'll make. Here are five easy ways your upholstery shop can make itself more convenient:
And why do they only use hides from bulls raised in cold, mountainous climates?

Check out the answers and other cool facts about what makes Rolls-Royce interiors so special: