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Hi all, first post here. I've had a couple of Parker Knoll Statesman chairs in my garage for about 6 years. I bought them with the aim to get them refurbished.

Whilst passing a local upholstery shop in Southampton a few years ago, I enquired as to what the costs might be and was shocked at how expensive it would be to refurbish them. I asked for a price to finish in a high-quality vinyl and new foam. This wasn't an official price, but it was a pre-covid price and from memory, it was getting on for a £1000 a chair.

This has obviously paused my plans to do anything with them. My question is, does anyone here have any idea what an average/fair price would be for labour/materials for such a chair? I've seen Spectrum Vinyl sell their material for about £20 a metre, so it's not that expensive.

Has anyone else reupholstered a Statesman? I'm assuming they aren't easy due to the shape? I'd love to hear of anyone's experience or advice and even more so if anyone if in the local Southampton area  :)